Among the various SkyTech Gaming PC’s this PC holds a good place. In this SkyTech Shiva Review, you will get to know everything about this PC. We expect a good FPS, from any PC.

But a PC is something that comes with us for a long time. I have a 15 Year old PC with me.Soon, as you read on, you will be able to see how it compares with other Gaming PCs. There are a lot of things this PC hosts.

From the powerful graphics to the spacious RAM, everything is reviewed. But it is always a good thing to leave a comment for me to read, so do so and lets chat!

In order to make it comfortable for you to navigate the following table is provided. Below in this table of contents you can choose which part of the Review to jump to.

SkyTech Shiva Full Overview

SkyTech Shiva Review
The SkyTech Shiva Unit
  • PRODUCT: SkyTech Shiva, produced by the manufacturer SkyTech is made to be symbol screaming God of Gaming PC’s. There are a lot of accessories to this PC’s than meets the eye.
  • PROCESSOR: The processor of the Shiva unit is the almighty AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz with 6 cores. These cores are there to take care of all the load thrust upon them and dish out a good Gameplay.
  • GRAPHICS UNIT: As the trend goes, it is safe to say, NVIDIA means graphics. With the RTX this PC hosts, you will be on the higher end of Gaming. You will learn more about this later on in the post.
  • SSD: If you had read the post on improving Gaming PC performance, you would know that a better SSD allows for a good Game. This PC allows for an SSD addition of about 500 GB.
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR4 is good for a moderate Gaming. But this PC has a 16 GB DDR4. You know what that means.
  • PRICE : 999.00$

SkyTech Shiva Review – The Complete Edition

Ryzen 6 Core – Size Does Matter

AMD is known for the processors they give out. AMD and NVIDIA are companies dedicated to gaming. If you ask me a quad (4) processor does a good enough job. But this PC comes with a 6 core processor. And yes size does matter. In the case of this processor, it cannot be more true. Having more cores means the processor can take a lot of load.

The work of a processor itself is to process all the functions given to it. This processor can rip through all the processes given to it. Although Intel does give out good processors, when it comes to gaming AMD has the upper hand. Below is a video for your reference you can use to compare Intel and AMD.

As you can see from the video, Ryzen provides both a good game-play and better Graphics. This gives the aesthetic value to games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and The Witcher III. But is still able to give the decent FPS needed for games like Far Cry.

There are a lot of other games as well. But this is enough for this SkyTech Shiva Review. This is just the power of the processor alone and we’re yet to get into the juicy! (sorry graphical part).

An RTX Graphics Card – Found In Every Good Gaming PC’s

Recently the Graphics Card of NVIDIA are labelled as RTX rather than GTX. This is just a name to label the latest models. It is safe to say that RTX models are one of the best gaming components out there.

This Graphics card has over 6 GB dedicated for gaming itself. This means less load for the processor. But you can test how this PC performs by subjecting it to the maximum graphics possible.

That way, you can make experiment all you want with all the high settings. I’m pretty sure that this PC can take more of what you can give it. In this SkyTech Shiva Review, we stick to the FPS and Graphical part of gaming. Both are taken care by the Graphics card given here.

The RTX 2060 Unit

It is always good to see a video proof of things given here. In the above video, you can see the difference in performance between the RTX and GTX. Let me know below in the comments what you think about this. But personally, from the stats, I think the RTX crushes the GTX.

A 16 GB RAM – A Happy Processor

A minimum of 8 GB of RAM is needed to play games at the medium graphics in 2019. Why? Because of the ever growing quality of the games.

If you have a RAM less than 8 GB, chances are, the game will not even run. It only takes a few minutes. Take a moment and check how much RAM your current PC has.

If it is less than 8, there is the reason, why your PC lags so much. But having a RAM of about 16 GB, this PC has twice the recommended amount.

This reduces a lot of the load given to the processor. This reduces the amount of heat given out by the processor. A Load-Less Processor is a Happy Processor.

Having a lot of RAM can also potentially save your PC’s life. Reducing the overall load to the various computer components. Having a Good FPS can affect RAM is so many ways. Click here if you want to know the overall effect of RAM on gaming. Moving on to the Storage part of the PC.

A 500 GB SSD – More Space For More Games

In the post where we talk about the ways to improve the PC’s performance, the SSD has a significant place. Games these days eat up a lot of hard drive place. Some games take up more than 50 GB.

Click on the above link to check out how SSD affects gaming and how it improves Game-play. But not to worry, we won’t be getting very in-depth in this SkyTech Shiva Review.

Having an SSD can improve the Gaming Performance. The hard drive does a really good job by itself. But it is the SSD that improves the overall performance.

Being able to store the game files in a linear fashion, it makes it easy for the processor to access the files. This allows for smoother rendering time.

This in turn increases the quality of the graphics produced and the FPS of the game. But you needn’t worry about the SSD now. You don’t need all those things with this PC.

You would need it only when you are very much out of space. But if you need any help, leave a comment and I will always be here to help you out.

Other Accessories

In addition to the above mentioned awesome features, there are others. When you look at the operating system, you will be getting the all new windows 10 64 bit version.

Windows is said to be one of the most user friendly operating systems out there. So, you might have a pretty good deal here.

The Awesome Look Of the Interior of the Shiva Unit

There are also 3 RGB fans. These are the cooling units of the PC, taking care of the heat produced by the PC. In the end it has all the essential components of a regular PC. But what makes it a good Gaming PC are the NVIDIA Graphics unit and the AMD processor.

You also get a life time of technical support of you choose amazon. You get 1 year of warranty for the component. In the end, when all things are said and done, its a pretty good deal for a budget of 1000$.

Is This PC For You?

A lagging PC is a problem everyone of us face. But companies like SkyTech have made sure to provide us with the solutions. SkyTech Shiva is no short of a good solution for the problem of a lagging PC.

We are all frustrated about this particular problem. You want to play a game but you can’t because of the limited spec.

This PC is most definitely for you if your budget is 1000$. The RTX Graphics Card provided ensures your Game-play. I remember being frustrated not being able to play Batman Arkham Knight on my low spec PC. It was so bad, it ended up ruining the day for me. But this PC can light up your day by giving you what you want.

It is good to say in this SkyTech Shiva Review that this is one of the best Gaming PC’s to go for if the budget is 1000$. The Powerful graphics and the processor themselves are jewels. These in addition to the RAM, can give out more than anything you can expect from a lot of PC’s.

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How It Performs Against Other PC’s

Below is a graph showing the performance this PC dishes out. Any PC that can dish out more than a 60 FPS is considered better than the rest. Being able to give out more than 100 FPS, this PC is surely better than the rest. Do note the settings are at high level. The pixel rate is at 1080p. This is the result of the FPS this PC provides.

SkyTech Shiva Review
FPS Offered by the SkyTech Shiva Unit

This PC offers an FPS of more than 100 for PUBG and Fortnite.(which is quite good). As you know already, PUBG and fortnite are online multiplayer games. The FPS of those games are determined by both your internet and PC Spec. Seeing that the performance is this much, you should have this PC waiting for you back home. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

If your internet connection is at it’s best, you can switch to the ultra graphics mode. You can enjoy the game play the way it should be played. Fortnite is popular for the amazing landscape it provides for it’s players and nothing is going to stop us from playing it.

For Far Cry, the first player game dominating recent times only next to DOOM, can be played at 119 FPS. I remember a time when I couldn’t even play Far Cry 4 without having to wait for like 30 minutes to load. But with this PC, you can get through and enjoy the games like a breeze.

Fun Fact About The Name

The name this product carries, Shiva has more to it than just a name. This name is actually the name of a god. This god has his origins in the Hindu Mythology. This Particular Religion actually has more than 3 million gods. But Shiva is one among the trinity this religion has. With Shiva being the destroyer. Having powerful components true to it’s name, this PC can tear through the FPS you want.

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I hope your having fun with your new SkyTech Shiva. If you have any doubts or if you want to talk about this product, leave a comment below and it would be more than awesome for me to get back to you.


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