Can you play games without graphics card? Well, for some games you can, but not so much for the others. There are a lot of games out there, running pretty much without the help of a graphics card. A graphics card is essentially a device, used to produce all the powerful images, you see on your PC when you run a game.

These Games are usually on the low-end. These low end games do not require a Graphics card. But considering the games, currently dominating the Gaming world. (such as The Assassin’s Creed Series or rather The Batman Trilogy). You might need to step up your level.

These games require a lot of power, in order to run efficiently. This power is provided by the Graphics Card. The amd and nvidia are the companies, producing the latest gear in the Gaming world. These components are instrumental in playing those high-end games.

Games That Don’t Require A Graphics Card

can you play games without graphics card
Spiderman 1 game for PC

There are a lot of games out there you can run on your system right here and now. These games are usually RPG’s, puzzles. There are games related to Action and Adventure Genre you can play on your PC. Some of these games can take out a lot of space in your PC. This totally depends on the game, you want to play.

Some people just play games for fun. You will find yourself more than satisfied if you make yourself acquainted with these games. There are a lot of platforms online, providing people with the games with story-lines satisfying them. Following are some of the games, you can play right now with the right software. These games do not require a dedicated Graphics Card.

Online Games (Mostly Low End)

(*I know, I know*). There are a lot of online games out there still giving people the Gaming experience they want. There are a lot of online games related to every genre. Be it horror, action, adventure RPG’s, everything is there online. Internet is the one thing you need to play those games.

You can find them just by searching for them on the internet. Some of us also want to play them offline. But this is simple, you just need to download them and you are all set to play your favorite flash games. Be warned, if you do not have Adobe flash installed, you will have a hard time.

Click here in case you have a hard time downloading the flash games. Once you have downloaded them, you are now set to play them offline. Meaning, you do not need to have an internet connection. You can now play the games whenever and wherever you want. Chances are, you like the franchise of the game and want to play it. This is something, you would like.

Emulated Games

Can you play games without graphics card
An Emulated Game of the Dragon ball Franchise

Most of the games, running on consoles can also be run on PC’s. This is done using emulators. Emulators allow you to play Gameboy Advanced games on your PC. There are also emulators for a lot of other games you want to play. You can assign the keyboard keys to the various joystick keys.

This is one of the ways you can satisfy yourself with your PC. But, playing games, run on Playstation 2 requires at least a Graphics Card with minimum memory. This is primarily for running the PS2 game on your PC. Hence, emulators for the low end games do not require a Graphics Card.

But the ones with the high end configurations like PS2 or The PS3 do require the components. Without these components, your PC will have a hard time to even boot the game. This can be rather annoying. Having a Good Gaming PC will also allow you to edit various video applications. This is also of great demand today.

The High End Games

Can you play games without graphics card
A Pic from Batman Arkham Knight

These are games, you can see on YouTube. A lot of YouTubers can be seen playing these games. High End games like the Batman Series or rather the Assassin’s Creed Series, require power. This power is something, provided by the various PC components.

The purpose of these components is so invaluable, they gave rise to a new set of PC’s. They will become to be known as the Gaming PC’s. The Gaming PC’s are specifically meant for playing the High End games. This, by definition means your PC has to have a Graphics Card.

(“I too, once wanted to play them without Graphics Card. Being the crazed kid I was, i ended up disappointed. But then, once I grew up I got my own PC. The Results are quite something, trust me. Having a Game play at 20 FPS will only kill the desire to play games altogether”).

Can You Play Those Games without Graphics Card

Can You play games without Graphics Card
A Minecraft Game pic with good settings

Having a Graphics Card in the PC means extra power. This power is something you will need to run all those awesome games. Today, there are a lot of high end games out there. Rendering is the process where the image of the game loads. Based on the Graphics Card you possess, the quality will be determined.

A graphics Card not only determines the quality of the image but also the FPS of the game. (*The Speed in which the game runs*). The companies make sure they produce the best games out there. This, in essence, refers to the quality of the image. Greater the power of the Graphics Card, better is the gaming experience.

There are some cases where you can play those games. However, they are soon to fail with some error. Chances are, even if you somehow magically make them work, you will soon be met with an error message. Trust me, you are better off buying a better system. Off chance, can you play those games without Graphics card? No., Not by a long shot.

Why Buy a Better System

The Growing need for computing power has led to the rise of new generation computers. Buying a better system will not only allow you to play games at a better rate, but also take care of your other needs. These needs can be anything. They can be your online business or your personal data.

The amount of data these days is enormous. Hence having a better system to help you is necessary. A better PC can also help you manage a lot of processes at the same time. Buying a PC with a better RAM is good. Having a better RAM will solve your problem. Click here if you do not know how RAM affects your Gaming experience.

This is where the Gaming PC comes in. Equipped with all the tools, you will need for all of your works. It will allow you to complete all your works no matter what deadline you might face. This is one of the benefits, you will have if you buy a Gaming PC.

There is Hope

There are games requiring a lot of power. But, you can make yourself able to meet all of those demands. There are a lot of Gaming PC’s out there with the power to satisfy your need. You should be aware of the need. A good Graphics Card is not the only thing, associated with a Gaming PC.

Take a look at the things, to look out for when buying a gaming PC. This will allow you to be more aware of the various options there are in buying a Gaming PC. This also ensures, you end up as satisfactory with your purchase. I hope you now know the answer to Can You Play Games without Graphics Card.

If you need anything, just leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to help you out.