The SkyTech Chronos Review looks at a PC, sharing a few similarities to the SkyTech Shiva Gaming PC. But this PC does have a few things that place it slightly above the Shiva unit in both performance and the Specs it has, specifically the RTX 2070 Super GPU.

There are things that make this PC all the more exciting, apart from it’s name. This PC hosts the Ryzen 7 Processor and the Geforce unit. These components alone allow it to churn out an FPS of more than a 100 for most of the games out there.

SkyTech Chronos Overview

SkyTech Chronos Review
The SkyTech Chronos Unit

Product: Another Product from SkyTech having all the Goodies a Gamer would need. With the AMD and GeForce Graphics you know, you have an all that you need for the next 10 years.

Here in this overview, you get to take a look at the main components this PC has so that you can get a general idea. But of course there is the detailed section where you can get all the info you can possibly desire. If you need more, you can always comment below.

Processor: An AMD processor is meant for Gaming. With the Ryzen 7 at your disposal, this PC can handle a great many tasks you throw at it. You can convert a video between two formats and still play your Games at a good FPS.

But having a good processor is not enough. You will get to know why I say that later on if you choose to read the full review. Just trust me, you need a good Graphics card as well.

Graphics Card: Not all PC’s have a Geforce Graphics unit. The ones that do are the ones meant for Gaming. This PC hosts not only the Ryzen 7 processor but also has the next best thing for Gaming.

The “Super” is not just a side adjoined name, but rather embodies the real deal. You should really take the PC into consideration if you see a “Super” attached to it. Who knows, it might even give your PC some super powers of it’s own.

RAM: Good Processor Check, Great Graphics Check, but is that enough? Of Course the Graphics memory provided by the Graphics card can handle the games. But what of the other programs I want to run in my computer.

RAM is also equally important in running Games as well as other applications. I would say that a 8 GB of DDR4 RAM does a good enough job. But guess what? You get twice the amount with this PC.

Price: 1299.99

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SkyTech Chronos Review – Everything You Have to Know Before You Buy this PC

You are about to get to know all the information about the main components of this PC. Make sure your comfortable and if you need anything…. Anything at all, just leave down a comment and you will be getting your answers as soon as possible. Comment!

The Ryzen 7 2700X Processor

You see AMD, you know it’s a Gaming PC. These are processors built for the sole purpose of Gaming. Yeah, you remember at the beginning of the post where I told you I had a little story? I had a friend once.

He was playing GTA 5 in his PC. He had a good enough processor. An AMD Ryzen 5. But guess what he had another GPU whose name wasn’t even listed. I mean, come on! Wanna know how he played the game? At a corner of his screen… With all the graphics tuned down. No wonder he finished the game in 2 weeks.

The Ryzen 7 Processor

The Ryzen 7 has about 8 cores and 16 threads. This allows the PC to allow multi-threading. Meaning, you can now run a lot of taxing applications on the back ground and not worry about it. Your processor can take all the load. (Poor Processor). But seriously it can take it.

More Cores = Better Performance.

You can be the new champ in town for the next 10 years or so with this PC. The Processor of any Gaming PC is always a bit powerful. But at the same time, you need a good Graphics card to produce all the beautiful graphics you wanna see in your games.

RTX 2070 Super 8 GB GPU

Come on.. You know what I’m talking about. The Geforce GPU is one of the best out there. The RTX 2070 unit by itself was able to produce a huge amount of beautiful graphics. The “Super” as I mentioned above is not just for show. With this GPU in your PC arsenal, you can take the concept of Virtual Reality to a whole new level.

RTX 2070 Super

In fact, this “Super” unit has a lot of advanced features compared to it’s previous models. This GPU is powered by the Turing Architecture. With this amount of specifications, you can easily have a 4K Game-play with your favorite games.

Ray Tracing, the latest technology is the one implemented in this PC. This GPU has a lot of cores and threads than many other GPU’s out there, providing you with the power you need to dominate the Gaming Field. Ever Heard of Direct X 12?

Well, even I didn’t. Back in my garage Gaming Days, I though nothing of the Direct X thingy. But only now I realize the amount of importance it has and guess what you get only the best and latest in stuff with this GPU.

2X8 GB DDR4 = 16 GB DDR4?

The amount of RAM this PC has in stock for you is two 8 GB DDR4 RAM Sticks combined to give you a 16 GB Capability. This will easily allow you to crush your Gaming Competition and do all the fun stuff you have always wanted to do.

You need a good amount of RAM to allow the Graphics unit and the Processor to do their work. But what if, there was no RAM.. What if there was not enough RAM to get the job done?

Then, you will be stuck with like, 20 FPS and worst case scenario, 10 FPS if there is no graphics memory. But not to worry, this is most likely the case of you were living a few centuries back. So, this “Gamer hell” is not gonna come for you in any way.

Other Accessories

Display Port : 03

HDMI : 01

Front USB 3.0 : 01

Rear USB 3.0 : 04

USB 2.0 : 03

Imagine having some nasty software pre-built in your PC. That is called Bloat ware, the opposite of a good software. Fortunately for you there are no such bloatware associated with this PC. The Operating System this PC gives you is the Windows 10 Home version, one of the best user friendly OS out there.

Performance Against Other Games

You wanna know if you can play your Games in this PC. Well of course you can! But at what rate? You might be asking me.. how can I be sure I will get what I want? Look at the chart down below and you will know exactly what I mean.

As you look at the right corner of the image, you will see a list of games and the FPS associated with it. These games have been tested at high graphics with this PC and will produce more than a 100 FPS for all modern games.

PUBG and Fortnite, the modern multi player games have recorded an FPS which is more than a 100. This is great. Because the usual FPS which is considered smooth is 60. Imagine a 100! 200!! For Some other Games!

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Having a good idea about how this PC costs the price it does is a good step before buying it. Trust me, you are gonna love how this PC has all the necessary components and costs the price it does.





The price of the various components individually sum up to about 1064.98$. This is great! Add in the cost of manufacturing, the casing, and the inclusion of the various ports, you will be having to pay a lot more than the amount listed. Following are the services you will be getting free of cost once you buy this PC.

  • A Year Warranty For the parts and the labor
  • Life-Time Technical Support
  • Free Gaming Key-Board and Mouse

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Who Is This PC For

You! Definitely You! Even if you are buying this PC for a relative. Maybe you are staring out a Gaming Channel. But in the end all of us want to play games at the finest out there. We want to experience all those beautiful environments. If you can relate to any of these, click the link above and make this PC yours!

I hope you enjoyed the SkyTech Chronos Review gave you the information you needed to make your purchase. If you need anything leave a comment down below and I would be more than glad to help you out.