In the SkyTech Omega Review, you will be looking at a PC where the processor is not the AMD made but rather an Intel one. Although Intel seem to be losing the race in the processor power, it doesn’t mean it cannot produce the power you are seeking from a Gaming PC.

Combined with the RTX 2080 Ti, this version of SkyTech Omega has etched itself to be a formidable Gaming PC in it’s own right. This PC also has twice the amount of recommended(8 GB) RAM for a good Game-play.

SkyTech Omega Review

The SkyTech Omega Unit

Product: This product embodies the Intel powered processor. Many of the SkyTech units do not have the Intel processors. They posses the “AMD” made processing units.

The SkyTech Omega unit is the representation of what it would be like if a SkyTech unit was built with an Intel processor and an NVIDIA graphics card.

Graphics Unit: The Graphics card you are getting with this unit is the RTX 2080 Ti. This is one of the latest graphics card in these times. Every year these things get only all the more better. But talking about the “here and now”, this is one of the best components there are.

This flagship graphics card is the best out there with 11 GB of GDDR6 gaming memory.

Processor: The Intel i9, although is on a slight disadvantage with the AMD processors, it does not fail to dish out the performance needed from a Gaming PC. This processor in combination with the Graphics card is one formidable tag team when it comes to gaming.

Easily giving you an FPS of over 60 in most games, these components and processors can make sure you get what you want at the best rate possible.

RAM: A Good processor and a Good graphics alone do not constitute a good Gaming PC. They can be used to their best capabilities only by a good amount of RAM. Fortunately you get a RAM of about 16 GB in order to support the graphics card and the processor.

With all due seriousness, you can just close your eyes and buy this PC and expect a Gaming Of a lifetime. Not because of the RAM or the processor but just because of the graphics card.

Price: 2399.99$

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The Intel I9 Processor – The Way to a Smooth Performance

The 9th Generation processor made by Intel has about 8 cores and 16 threads. This processor can be considered to be on par with an AMD card due to the sheer amount of cores it has. More cores equal more power. A processor with a large amount of threads enables you to perform multi-threading processes.

The Intel Core I9 Processor

This is nothing but the ability to perform a large amount of processes at the same time. You can perform huge amount of taxing tasks like importing a video file after finishing the editing work. Just in case your a YouTuber, this PC will be a lot of help to you and your channel.

Usually importing a video file after you complete adding the video elements, is the most time consuming work. But trust me, when you have this PC in your home, you will be more than capable of performing all those editing you’ve always wanted to do. You can convert an flv file into a movie file or an mp4 in just a matter of minutes. This particular feat can be accomplished only by a processor of this caliber.

The RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Unit

An RTX 20’s series Graphics unit in any PC, denotes that it is a Gaming PC. Packed and made with the Turing architecture, this unit makes sure you get those beautiful game frames you’ve always wanted. The RTX series is vastly superior to the GTX series in terms of both the power and performance you get from this PC.

SkyTech Omega Review
The RTX 2080 Ti Component

This card provides you with real time ray tracing technology. The latest in tech, when it comes to graphics. Fabled to be 6x more powerful than it’s predecessors this Graphics card is something to be considered when it comes to making a great Gaming PC.

Coming with a 11 GB of GDDR6 memory this graphics card, by itself is one of the must have components you should have to get the ultimate Gaming experience.

The 16 GB DDR4 RAM

You have an Intel i9 processor and an RTX 2080 Ti Graphics unit. But what else? You need something that should be able to work in between them. An 8 GB DDR4 will not cut it to produce an extra high-end performance. That is why this PC is packed up with a 16 GB DDR4 at your disposal.

You can take a look at the above video to take a look at the kind of performance and games you can play with this PC at your home. The Graphics unit has a good enough memory to run the games but what if you wanted to run many applications in the back ground.

You can do this smoothly if and only if you have a good amount of RAM in your PC. You can use tools like RAM rush to find and free up some RAM. This is only a temporary boost. If you need a permanent boost, you should get a better RAM. That is why this PC comes with the “all you ever wanted” 16 GB RAM, making you more comfortable and safer than ever.

Other Accessories

HDMI Port : 1

Display Port : 3

USB 3.1 Gen 1 : 6

USB 3.0 : 2

HD Audio and Mic

USB 2.0 : 2

The SkyTech Omega unit does not host a C type port. This makes it a tad bit on a disadvantage to other PC’s with a C type port. Transferring files from your ultra-book or I-phone may not be a possibility with this PC. But who cares?

You will also be getting the windows 10 64 bit home version which is one of the most user friendly versions out there. You can just buy those games and install them without having to go through any huge processes. Like the ones you will find in a MAC.

There are no bloatware in the PC unit at the time of your purchase. A bloatware is nothing but an unwanted software, potentially harmful to your PC performance.

It also comes as a Wifi ready PC. Meaning you need only spend little to no amount of time in setting this PC up and running.

Performance With Games

Taking a look at the performance you will be getting with any PC is a good observation. You can take a look at the following analysis for a better view of the performance this PC offers you.

SkyTech Omega Review

PUBG and Fortnite, both of them, the best multiplayer games in their own right can be run at an FPS that exceeds a 100. This is no mere feat. Because when the games are run at high graphics they are sure to lag in any ordinary PC. But this gaming rig takes care of that for you and allows you to have a better Gaming experience of a lifetime with all those beautiful graphics at a good FPS rate.

This PC does not fall short than 100 FPS for all the beautifully made games like Control and Modern Warfare, at high graphical settings. An average gamer would be satisfied with an FPS of about 60. But an FPS of more than a 100 is the dream performance. There are still many high end rigs giving an FPS of more than a 200 for games.

But for this price and spec this PC is definitely one of the best out there.

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The total amount of the various components listed above sums up to about 1953.99$. Not a bad deal if you ask me considering the performance you are getting. This is in addition to the other components like the ports, the RAM and the following services, you will be receiving free of cost.

  • A Life Time Technical Support
  • A One Year Warranty for the various components
  • Free Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

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Who Is this PC for?

This PC is for everyone who has tasted all the SkyTech archangel units and is currently on the look out to step up their game. But even if you are just starting out, you can still benefit from this PC. You’ll get a head start if you want to start a YouTube channel and produce high quality videos for your audience.

You can also do your daily work, only at a much better and faster rate. I hope this SkyTech Omega Review helped with your decision. What do you think is better? the SkyTech Archangel or the Omega for YouTubers?