The SkyTech Omega S Review looks at an upgrade to the previous SkyTech Omega Gaming PC. An upgrade in all manners indeed. But when you compare it to the SkyTech Omega RTX 2080 Ti version, it can be considered as a bit of a downgrade indeed.

This is because of both the processor and the graphics unit it houses. You will also get to know the role of RAM and the other accessories you get absolutely free of cost if you buy this PC.

SkyTech Omega S Review

SkyTech Omega S Review
The Omega S Unit

Product: The SkyTech Omega S seems to host components that are on the slightly downgraded compared to one particular version of SkyTech Omega. But never the less, the amount of work on the exterior chasis and the interior lighting is something to behold.

Even if the components cannot provide the necessary amount of power for getting 200 FPS (which is max performance any PC can give), it can get you around 150, which is quite good. This is thanks to the following components it houses.

Graphics Unit: The Graphics card this PC houses is the RTX 2060. Do note that this is not a Ti version. But it still gets the job done and gives you a good performance at high graphics.

It comes with 6 GB dedicated graphics memory. This will none the less secure a great Game play for you to enjoy. This GDDR6 memory is also boosted by the power the processor has to provide.

Processor: Intel is a processor manufacturer which has been on the lime light for the past years. Well, until AMD came into the fray that is. Although, the AMD processors are preferred to Intel, it does not mean that Intel cannot produce the performance required.

The Intel I7 in combination with the Graphics card and the RAM can provide you with a performance that is above the average. But if you want anything on the hard core side, you will need to have an AMD processor.

RAM: The 16 GB DDR4 RAM is needed to keep the processor and the Graphics card in check. If you have both a powerful processor and a good graphics card and your stuck with a bad amount of RAM, then you are not going anywhere playing those games.

But fortunately, this PC comes with a RAM twice the amount needed for an optimum Gaming Performance.

Price: 1349.99$

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The Intel I7 Processor – A Moderate Performance?

The intel I7 Processor is a high end processor of the late 2018’s. It is a 64 bit processor with 8 cores. Any processor with 8 cores is enough to churn out a very good performance. The coffee lake micro architecture processor, is a third generation processor.

The Intel I7 Processing unit

Usually a processor with 8 cores have 16 threads. But the Intel I7 processor has 8 threads with itself. You can definitely be able to perform multi threading with this amount of threads. Multi threading is when there are a lot of back ground applications running.

Usually for an ill equipped processor, it will not be possible to maintain the performance of the game if there are a lot of taxing applications running in the back ground. But not to worry! This PC has got it covered for you.

The RTX 2060 6 GB Graphics Unit

Just the words NVIDIA and RTX scream gamer. These are graphics cards produced and manufactured for the sole purpose of Gaming. This graphics card although not belonging to a Ti version, produces a good enough performance. The RTX units are vastly superior to the GTX versions.

The RTX 2060 unit

With about 6 GB dedicated solely for gaming, this Graphics card drastically reduces the load on the processor. A great way to increase the life of the computer parts. The RTX Graphics units employ the Ray Tracing technology which is the latest among all the others out there.

This card in unison with the processor is responsible for the production of all those beautiful images out there. Moderated by the 16 GB DDR4 RAM, you can enjoy a great Game Play from this PC.


You would’ve heard me barking that a 8 GB DDR4 is enough for an optimum gaming performance. Many gamers would agree with me on this aspect. But what if you want to have a better performance and a good gaming experience?

That is where the 16 GB DDR4 RAM comes in. Having about twice the amount of the recommended RAM with you, this PC can give you what you’ve always wanted. A Good performance.

This performance is not limited to the Game play. With this amount of RAM, you can speed up all the other processes as well. Such as video editing, running your office suite. There is only one difference between doing your regular work in a normal PC and in a Gaming PC.

It’s nothing much. You will just finish all your work a few hours early with a Gaming PC.

Other Accessories

DVD D Port : 01

Type A Gen2 USB 3.1 : 01

Type B Gen2 USB 3.1 : 01

Gen 1 USB 3.1 : 08 (Front : 04, Rear : 04)

Z390 Motherboard

This PC covers what some of the other SkyTech units failed to. The provision of a C type port now allows both MAC users and the ones with Apple phones to have a better chance at a smoother data transfer by manually connecting their devices.

The Operating System that comes with this PC is the Windows 10 Home version. Equipped with one of the best user friendly operating systems out there, you can just buy, install and play!

There are no bloatware in this PC. Meaning, there are no harmful software associated with this PC to hinder your Gaming Performance. It is also Wi-fi ready meaning, you do not have to spend a lot of time in setting the internet connections up for your multi player games.

Performance With Games

Following is a chart of the FPS rate vs the Games that are currently trending in the Gaming World. Just with the graphics unit alone you can easily expect an FPS of about 135 in Far Cry New Dawn. It is a game famous for all the smooth landscapes it allows the players to play upon.

SkyTech Omega S Review

For multiplayer games such as PUBG and fortnite, it is not wrong to demand an FPS more than a 130. Because, this PC can and will provide it to you. Do note that these are the FPS rates you can get when you use max graphics settings.

You can always tweak them down from the in game settings if you want to reduce the load to the processor and Graphics card. But I doubt you will be facing any problem. This is a PC meant for gaming after all.

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It sums up to about 1064.98$. Considering the other parts such as the HDMI port the display ports, the USB ports, this seems to be a good price. This is in addition to the following products and services you receive free of cost.

  • Free Keyboard and Mouse
  • A One Year Warranty For the Parts and Labor
  • Lifetime Technical Support

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Who Is this PC for?

This PC is for anyone who is just starting out and can be upgraded at any later time. The key difference between a normal PC and a Gaming PC is the power it offers to the users.

Many are not aware of the advantages they can get from a PC’such as these and limit themselves to PC’s of lesser quality and much less sophistication for a huge amount of price.

I hope this SkyTech Omega S Review helped you with your decision. What do you think? Is SkyTech Omega S better than SkyTech Omega? Let me know if you need anything down in the comments section and I would be more than happy to help you out.