The SkyTech Oracle lies in one of the more trickier side of PC’s. This SkyTech Oracle Review sees two kinds of Specs it hosts. You can totally take advantage by taking a look at them and save 600$.

The reason for this lies in the Graphics unit of the Oracle unit which you will see shortly. This Post allows you to be more knowledgeable about this PC so you can be happier and at the same time have a fun Gaming Experience.

The Graphics unit of both the Oracle and Archangel II are the same. Powered by the GTX 1050 Ti, this PC unit can offer you the same or better.

My Personal Opinion is that you would be at an advantage if you buy one of the Archangel units.

They are less pricey and at the same time offer a good Gaming Experience, not to mention the ambient blue light that will fill your room at night.

SkyTech Oracle Review

SkyTech Oracle Review
The SkyTech Oracle Unit

Product: SkyTech Oracle is one of those PC’s where you can expect a moderate to a good enough graphics for a price in which the processor solely contributes to. The RAM and the Graphics are on the point as you will see below.

Processor: The AMD FX 6300 is a good enough processor with amazing features establishing itself among the good processors out there. Anything related to AMD is good enough on it’s own.

You will get to know the functionalities of this Processor later on in this post.

Graphics Unit: The GTX 1050 Ti is one of the best graphics units in the gtx series, only to be overtaken by the RTX series. NVIDIA is one of the companies out there, crushing it in providing a good number of insane graphics units for latest games.

This Graphics unit contributes a ton to maintain the FPS in games these days.

RAM: The 16 GB DDR3 is something you should not miss out on. Although many of the systems are being updated to the DDR4 version, the DDR3 still does a good enough job.

But if you want to “secure” your future gaming life, going for a PC with a DDR4 slot would be the more optional choice.

Price: 1535.98$

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A Better Processor

Although this PC seems to lag a bit on the RAM side of things, the processor makes up for it.

The AMD FX 6300 is the thing keeping this whole PC together. It allows for all the games to have a decent frame rate.

But how can this be achieved? This is by having the capacity to handle processes simultaneously. It’s something called multi-threading.

This processor has about 6 cores and 12 threads. These are more than enough cores for a good application to run on your PC. The more number of cores translate to a better Game.

A GTX 1050 Ti Graphics

The GTX 1050 Ti graphics card is meant to provide a stable gameplay at about 1080 p for most games. But it cannot be assured that it can handle the same for an extended period of time.

If you want to play games for the long run, and RTX would suit you best. But never the less, this Graphics card, tweaked down a bit on the PASCAL Architecture does not fail to give out the performance needed from it.

The 16GB DDR3 RAM – Better than DDR4?

In the past reviews, you might have seen me saying an 8 GB RAM is enough for a moderate Gaming Performance.

Not most of the games out there need more than 8 GB of RAM for producing a good performance.

If you had been paying attention to the details.. of course you have! You would have noticed that the RAM was a DDR4 model in the previous units.

The information transfer rate is more faster in the DDR4 unit than in the DDR3 unit. This accounts for a decent performance.

DDR4 does not necessarily outperform DDR3 in Gaming Performance.

Another drawback you might face if you choose to buy this PC, is that you will not be able to upgrade the DDR3 unit to a DDR4. This is because a DDR4 unit cannot fit into the slot of a DDR3 unit.

Gaming Performance

Pitting the PC’s against the various games has always been the way to measure their performances. Following is a snippet of the FPS rate performances this PC has to offer for the various games.

SkyTech Oracle Review

What I feel most uncomfortable is the amount of performance this PC offers for the price it stands at.

The fact that it cannot produce a 60 FPS for the games listed above like PUBG and fortnite should be a shock for most gamers.

Doom is a game where we get to purge a lot of demons around with our guns and weapons. Graphics plays a very integral role in it.

But what would happen if you are forced to play it at a 60 FPS at max quality? A max quality at 210 FPS is something every gamer wants.

This PC feels pretty let down in this part of the Performance.

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Taking a look at the prices of the various components going into this PC is a good habit.

An overall estimate can give you an idea of how much you can profit from this PC.

The GTX 1050 Ti around 190.00$.

AMD FX 6300 3.5 GHz costs about 90.00$.

A Tera-byte Spaced Hard drive at 225.00$.

970 Chip-set Mother Board 170.00$.

The Windows 10 Home Edition 110.00$.

16 GB DDR3 RAM placing itself at about 97.00$.

A 120 GB SSD of about 22.00$.

All of the main components listed above sum up to about 904$. This is leaving out the other additional supplies you get such as the

  • Free Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
  • 1 Year Warranty on the parts and labor
  • The Lifetime Technical Support

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Though this PC does have some older specs and has some parts that cannot be updated, it can run the latest games to an extent.

But this extent is not very far. If you ask me, I would go for the archangel or the legacy units. Not just because of the specs but also the prices they offer for those units.

I hope this SkyTech Oracle Review post helped you with your decision. Do take a look at the other SkyTech Gaming PC’s and their specs.

Let me know which SkyTech Gaming PC suits you best.