The SkyTech Oracle X is built to be an upgraded version of the previous SkyTech Oracle Unit. This PC embodies what a Gamer really wants. The SkyTech Oracle X Review aims to provide you with all the information necessary to make your purchase more comfortable.

There are a lot of improvements from the previous units like the Graphics unit which was upgraded from the GTX 1050 Ti to the RTX 2070. This Graphics unit in addition to the processor makes this PC more efficient in providing the user with all the Gaming experience they need.

SkyTech Oracle X Review

The SkyTech Oracle X Unit

Product: The SkyTech Oracle X is the successor to the SkyTech Oracle unit. The Oracle X makes sure the users get what they couldn’t from the previous unit.

Processor: The processor in this unit is an upgraded version of it’s predecessor. This processor, in combination with the graphics card provides a greater user experience.

The Ryzen 7 2700X is a Gamer Specific Processor. It is an excellent unit when it comes to taking care of your gaming life. This processor in parallel with the Graphics card forms the ultimate way to gaming.

Graphics Unit: The RTX 2070 unit provided in the SkyTech Oracle X comes with a space of about 8 GB. This is more than enough to play all those games at an FPS exceeding more than a 100.

So, If you are someone who is stuck on the 60 FPS zone, then this PC is something you must buy.

RAM: This PC offers a 16 GB DDR4 RAM. The usual bench mark is the 8 GB, but that does not mean that an extra 8 would hurt. This would ensure your “future savings“. Since it will take a few more years to deploy even more “hardcore games“.

You will learn a lot more on how a 16 GB RAM can benefit you later on in this post.

Price: 1299.99$

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The Design And Appearance

The SkyTech Oracle X unit unlike many of the other SkyTech PC’s does not boast the same blue interior light. But rather, it has a unique appearance of it’s out. It has a black Chasis which has a sort of rainbow lighting giving out a Hi-Fi look.

SkyTech Oracle X Review

In short every aspect of this PC screams “Gamer”. The Cooling unit is placed just before the processing and graphics unit. This allows for the PC to refrain from being over heated, ensuring the longer life span of the PC and it’s components. The Skytech Oracle X Review looks at all the major and minor components of this PC as follows.

The Ryzen 7 Processor

The Ryzen 7 is the company’s former flagship GPU. The processors built by AMD are specifically meant to process all the information given to them. Games are tons and tons of information and it is up-to the processor to take care of all the load.

SkyTech Oracle X Review

The Ryzen 7 2700X is the best GPU for gaming. It is one of the main components apart from the RTX 2070 that accounts for making this PC as awesome as it is.

It is a 2nd generation processor with 8 cores and 16 threads. If you know one thing, it’s that more cores equal a better gaming experience. Since this unit has about 16 threads, it allows for multi-threading. You can run a lot of applications in the background as the game plays.

An RTX 2070 Graphics Unit

The RTX units are meant to surpass the GTX units by a huge margin. The SkyTech Oracle X unit comes with an RTX 2070 Graphics unit. This allows the games to have a more detailed environment as well as implement a lot of other things that make the games more realistic.

The RTX 2070 unit

One of the most important aspect of gaming is ray tracing. This is done perfectly by the RTX 2070. Having this ability as it’s own, this unit can trace and sharpen the edges you see on the computer screen.


Previously you would have noted me saying that a 8 GB RAM was enough for gaming but an extra 8 wouldn’t hurt. This is because an 8 GB RAM is more than enough for the games to have a stable performance. But having more space just reduces the load the games have on the Graphics and processing unit.

Above is a video where you can see the effect a 16 GB RAM has in the game-play when it is compared with an 8 GB one. Although the difference is not vast, it does help to maintain the overall life of the PC unit. But do note that the processor and the Graphics unit are the ones playing a greater role.

Other Accessories

As it with every PC, the above components are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other components this PC has to offer as well. This PC offers you with 3 Display ports and 1 HDMI. You can use this feature if you feel the need to connect this with multiple monitors.

The next is the 1 TB HDD. This makes sure you have ample space in your PC. This is because some of the space will be consumed by the OS and other software. The Hard disc is again followed by the 240 GB SSD. The SSD enables you to play your games at a higher rate than when it is run in a Hard disc.

This PC already has an in-built version of the Windows 10 Home operating system. Windows is one of the most user friendly operating systems out there. There are no bloatware present in this unit as well. Bloatware are nothing but unwanted software causing the unit to lag a bit.

It is also modified for the best internet range and speed. This feature enables multi-player games like PUBG and Fortnite to have an incredibly stable rate of performance.

Game Play Performance

The following is a depiction of the FPS rate this PC offers for various games. This PC is capable of offering a whooping 120 FPS for online multiplayer games like PUBG and Fortnite.

This means, if you have a good enough connection, you can play these games at this rate at high graphics. (Something every gamer wants).

The FPS rate in various games

The fact that this PC can offer a 140 FPS for a game like Far Cry New Dawn itself proves just how much work has been put into this PC. Of course some gamers would desire an FPS of more than 200. But that is taken care by the high end rigs. But this PC does a good enough job on it’s own.

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The various parts of the SkyTech Oracle X unit do their job in a perfect manner. But do they sum up to the total price? How off mark are they? How much do the manufacturers place their mark for the construction cost? These are some of the questions we will answer right now!

The Ryzen 7 2700X Processor: 330.00$

The Superb RTX 2070 Graphics Unit at : 530.00$

A 16 GB DDR4 RAM at : 78.00$.

A 1 TB HDD at : 110.00$

240 GB SSD on: 32.00$

The above given components totally sum up to about 1080.00$. This is just 220.00$ less than the actual price of the whole product which is quite profitable considering the building process of this unit.

This price is just based on the various parts this PC constitutes. You will also benefit with the following things which come absolutely free of cost.

  • A lifetime Technical Support
  • A Year’s worth of warranty
  • Free Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

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The SkyTech Oracle X successfully repairs the damage caused by the previous unit. They succeeded in making sure they accomplished this goal and gave us this upgraded more powerful PC.

I hope you have found the SkyTech Oracle X Review informative in making your decision to buy your gaming PC. You can also check out the other Reviews we have to offer and make your decision. If your still doubtful, feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to reply to your query ASAP.