The SkyTech Prism is one of the latest editions among the long line of the SkyTech Gaming PC’s. It attributes to all the specs a Gamer needs and wants. Here, in this SkyTech Prism Review, we look at one of those SkyTech PC’s that can boost your Gaming life to the next level!

Being one of the PC’s out there, that are worth every penny, this PC literally crushes every other SkyTech unit just because of the components it houses. Just the names Ryzen and RTX are enough to sound an alarm in a gamer’s house.

Following the above said components, you are also getting a good amount of RAM that can keep your computer from failing to give you the performance of a life time.

SkyTech Prism Review

SkyTech Prism Review
The SkyTech Prism Unit

Product: The SkyTech Prism is the latest in line and can be said to be a start of a new series like the Archangel, Omega and the Shadow units created and distributed by SkyTech.

This PC is not only the latest in line but it also comes with the latest pieces of technology for gaming and things are looking a bit on the bright side for the performance this PC gives you.

Graphics Unit: The SkyTech Prism unit hosts the flagship GPU of nvidia, the RTX 2080 Ti. Being build and manufactured with the latest tech, this GPU literally crushes it based on it’s sheer performing power.

This unit alone, without considering the processor and the RAM in this PC, can be held accountable for all the beautiful graphics you are going to experience in your games.

Processor: The name Ryzen itself screams “gamer”. This PC is loaded with the Ryzen 9 processor which is the latest in line among the AMD processors as well. A good graphics card alone does not account for the effective performance of a Gaming PC.

The processor has an equal amount of importance in gaming. You should be able to process all that information. Only then can you hope to run the game. With this Processor, every hard task you know will be a breeze.

RAM: An 8 GB DDR4 is what I recommend for an optimum gaming performance. But something more is needed to manage two powerful processors one for the PC (the Ryzen 9) and one for the games (the RTX 2080 Ti). This is where the Skrill 32 GB RAM comes in.

A 32 GB DDR4 just crushes everything with it’s performance. You will see people saying that a 32 GB DDR4 gives the best performance out there. They are right! You can get an extra 100 to 200 FPS with an additional 2×16 GB RAM.

Price: 2999.99$

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The Ryzen 9 3900x Processor

In order to make this PC totally worth your money, it packed with both the ultimate GPU and the ultimate processor. A better processor is always good if you want a better PC.

The Ryzen 9 Unit

One of the most common questions asked is that if the Ryzen processor has an in-built graphics card. The answer is no. It does not have an inbuilt graphics card but requires a dedicated graphics card to take care of the games you wish to run. But not to worry. This is taken care of by the RTX Graphics which you will see in a moment.

The Processor Itself

This processor comes with 12 cores and 24 threads. Most of the processors I recommend usually have about 6 cores and 12 threads. But this processor comes with twice the amount of the recommended spec. You know what that means. More power!

The Cooling unit

The wraith prism red cooler is also built with this processor. Once a lot of taxing applications are run in the back ground, the processor has to do a lot of work. This will cause a lot of heat to be produced. Such a heat is taken care of by the said cooling machine unit.

An RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Card – The Key to the Awesome Gaming Performance

Among the various high-end PC’s, this PC also hosts the RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. Built upon the turing architecture, packed with Ray tracing technology, this GPU is simply the best for running games on high graphics. But the processor power and the RAM memory alone are not enough for a good Gaming performance. The Graphical memory also plays a vital role.

The RTX 2080 Ti Graphics unit

Something as little as a 4 GB of graphics memory can give a performance of 60 FPS. But what if the graphics settings were set to max? What if you needed more than 4 GB? 11 GB of GDDR6. That is the amount of memory you are getting from this graphics card. With this amount of memory, this GPU can give you the best performance there is. Essentially, the greatest GPU to this date. It’s not called the flagship of NVIDIA for nothing.

The Skrill 16 GB DDR4 RAM

No matter how good a Graphics card or a processor may be, it is not necessary that you can still run your games. The RAM should have enough memory to allow your PC components to communicate with each other efficiently. An 8 GB RAM is usually the optimum amount necessary for your games.

You can watch the gameplay above to take a look at the performance you can expect from this PC. Of course, the RAM is very much necessary. Sadly you won’t be getting the recommended 8 GB RAM. But instead… You will get 4 times the amount of the recommended RAM.

The 32 GB DDR4 RAM will make your games run as smooth as it can possibly run with all those beautiful graphic images. You can easily expect an FPS of about 120 to 200 FPS. This is the combined power of the processor the RAM and the DDR4 RAM.

Other Accessories

HDMI 2.0b Port : 01

Display Port v1.4 : 03

USB 3.2 Gen 1 : 06

USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A : 01

Front USB Type C : 01

USB 3.0 : 01

USB 3.1 : 01

If you look a bit closely, you can see that this SkyTech PC has all the essential USB ports installed within it. Unlike many other SkyTech PC units, this unit has the C type port which is on the rise of popularity. You can connect any mobile handset or any ultra-book to this PC and enjoy all the easier ways to transfer files. You can also use blue-tooth to transfer files but the choice is up to you.

With 3 display ports and a HDMI port, you can even plug this PC to multiple displays. This allows you to install this PC unit on multiple Display monitors and view it for a more Gamer like setup.

As it is with all SkyTech PC’s this PC has no bloatware associated with it. This means, it does not have any unwanted or harmful software associated with it. You can just install you game and run it, without having to expect any garbage software.

Performance With Games

What if you need solid proof? The powerful processor and the best GPU of this decade combined. But what kind of performance can you expect in the games you know and love? At high graphics this PC can give you the following FPS for various games like:

SkyTech Prism Review

PUBG and Fortnite which are both multi-player. Fortnite takes on greatly designed graphics while PUBG is more on the first person and third person shooting genre. An FPS that exceeds more than a 100 is what you get from this PC.

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This PC has a lot of parts that scream Gamer straight out the bat. Let’s pit all of them against their prices and see how much they contribute to the overall price of the Gaming PC unit.








The ARGB fans might amount that much due to the quantity of them which is about 9. So, you will be getting 3 of the above said unit.

All of the above components amount to up to 2980.99$. Quite good considering the amount of time and work it takes to set it up in a good case. But never the less the following are services you get free of cost if you choose to buy this Gaming PC.

  • A One Year for the labor and the components.
  • A lifetime technical support and assistance

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Who Is this PC for?

The SkyTech Prism unit is one among the other SkyTech Units meant for the more Hardcore Gamers. If you are looking to level up your game, then this PC is a must have for every hardcore gamer! Even if you are just starting out in Gaming, then this PC is straight up your alley!

What do you think is left out in this SkyTech Prism Review? Let me know in the comments and if you have any queries let me know and I will get back to you ASAP.