The SkyTech Gaming Desktops are some of the most wanted ones out there. Not just because of the components present but also the alien like color they possess. This SkyTech Shadow II Review looks at one such PC.

The SkyTech Shadow II is one of the successful attempts to build a unit that can cover the hole left by it’s earlier version. It’s predecessor was capable of producing a mediocre performance with the various games out there.

But this “better” PC is on par with the likes of SkyTech Archangel 2 and the SkyTech Shiva. This PC, in a word, is a winner for Gamers seeking a step above the “normal” gaming region.

What follows is a short review followed by a longer detailed version covering just about anything you need to know to make your purchase.

Having a sound knowledge about these units not only allow you to make your choice in buying the right PC but also allows you to be an expert in this industry. You can walk out of this post having gained some extra clarity about Gaming PC’s.

SkyTech Shadow II Review

SkyTech Shadow II Review


Better Components for a lower price

Stable even while running multiple applications

A PC for Non-Streaming YouTubers.


Performance drops while running Many Taxing Applications at the same time.

Will run at a low FPS while live streaming very high quality games.

Product: The SkyTech Shadow is a product of the SkyTech Gaming Company. The PC presented here is the SkyTech Shadow II which is the upgraded version of the previous SkyTech Shadow unit.

The parts in this unit is vastly better than the previous units and allows this PC to produce a fairly good FPS when you play your games.

Graphics: The RTX series are one of the most advanced specs out there constructed to give a better gaming performance. They not only take care of producing the high quality images in the back ground but also reduce the overall stress level of your PC.

This Graphics in addition to the processor, are stabilized by the 16 GB DDR4 RAM. Which in turn, allows you to have a wonderful Gaming Experience.

Processor: Although it is the work of the Graphics card to produce and maintain all the God rays and the V-Sync and DSAA in order to straighten the sharp edges out, the processor has it’s own uses as well.

It basically acts as the back bone to the Gaming PC. The Ryzen series are the processors dominating the gaming arena for the past few years and will do so until NVIDIA decide to step up their game.

RAM: A DDR4 RAM of 16 GB is necessary to cope up with the graphics unit and the processor of such magnitude. This PC hosts just that.

Not only with this 16 GB DDR4 can you run games smoothly, you can also run a lot of back ground applications at the same time, no scratch.

Price: 1149.00$

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Similar to The SkyTech Archangel 2 Specs

You don’t want to make a bad choice now do you?

Of course not! Because?

Because a Gaming unit is like an investment. You are going to use this PC for a long period of time.

The following is an analysis of the various components present in this unit.

The Performance this PC gives out for your game is also listed out so that you know the power of the product you are about to buy.

Graphics – Similar to the SkyTech Gaming Archangel Elite

The Graphics unit this PC hosts, the RTX 2060, is also present in one other SkyTech unit, the Archangel Elite. The Archangel Elite is meant to be the best among the Archangel Editions.

This accounts for the graphical prowess of this unit. Housing one of the best GPU’s out there, this PC is sure to fire your Gaming life up.

The RTX has the ray tracing technology which is the latest in line among all the advanced technology implemented by NVIDIA over the past few years.

Even today, the RTX series greatly towers the performance produced by the other PC units.

SkyTech Shadow II Review
The RTX 2060 Present within the PC unit

The amount of power this card has is so much that you cannot expect any game to go down the bench mark FPS of 60. You can expect to exceed a 120 FPS by tweaking down the graphics a bit.

But nevertheless, you will have a good gaming PC at hand.

Processor – The Ryzen 7 Model

The Amd processors in unison with the NVIDIA graphic cards make up the ultimate machine out there. Limited only by the technology of that time, this processor is still used in many PC’s since not many years have been passed since it’s release.

The Ryzen 7 2700 has about 8 cores. The higher number of cores equals the performance produced by this Processor. Hence it can be safe to say that this processor can promote multi-threading which is, running a lot of applications at the same time.

SkyTech Shadow II Review
The Ryzen 7 Unit

However, this processor does not have an integrated graphic card and cannot be used as a single unit. Users will have to get a dedicated graphics card in their PC’s.

But not to worry! The SkyTech Shadow II Unit already has a dedicated graphics card, the NVIDIA RTX 2060. So, you don’t have to worry about building it out, since it is already assembled for you.


In all of the SkyTech Gaming Computer Reviews, we see the amount of power the RAM has, in addition to the Graphics card and the processor. This PC, in order to step it up from the previous one, offers a 16 GB DDR4.

This is twice the amount of RAM than the previous one. The specs seen in the SkyTech Shadow Review is some-what identical to the SkyTech Archangel 2 specs. There are a lot of similarities between them even in the RAM part of things.

Both of them have the 16 GB DDR4 unit supporting their respective processors and Graphics units. Even in the performance you will get something that is as close or even better than the other units of this price.

This 16 GB RAM is needed to perform multi threading. Meaning, you can perform a large amount of operations in the back ground even when you are playing your games. You can export a video after editing it, as you are playing your games.

Performance With Games

Having a good FPS is one of the prime indicators of a Good Gaming PC. The following is a list of the performance this PC produces in some of the games out there.

Games like PUBG and Fortnite dish out an FPS of 115 and more than a 125 respectively. Just in case if you are looking for a good performing system for this price, then this PC is just for you.

For the other highly taxing games like Far Cry New Dawn and Battlefield V, this PC gives out an average of 120. This is good comparing the PC’s giving out a 60 FPS at max Graphics.

Other Accessories

USB Ports:

4 – 3.1 Gen1 Ports

1 – 3.1 Gen2 Type A Port

1 – 3.1 Gen2 Type C Port

USB 2.0 – 2 Ports

HDMI – 1 Port

3 RGB Ring Fans

This unit has an advantage over the archangel models. The presence of a Type C port along with the others is one such thing. With this, you can charge and transfer files from your ultra book and from an I-phone.

A single HDMI port is provided should you feel the need to shift the PC’s desktop to a different location. In this SkyTech Shadow II Review, we are looking at all of the ports available, since today many of us are troubled with not having what we want out of our PC.

The RGB Ring fans are designed and placed there to enable the blowout of heat. Too much heat is something you would not want in there.

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Following are some of the most important components present in this PC. From this SkyTech Shadow II Review you can take their total sum as a measure and judge how much of a profit you can incur by buying this PC.

: 359.99$

: 329.00$

: 59.99$

: 89.99$

It totally amounts up to about 839.00$ out of 1149.00$, which is a profit if you take in the cost of setting this up with the RAM, the HDMI and the USB ports.

This is in addition to the following components and services which are provided free of cost when you buy this PC unit.

  • Lifetime Technical Assistance
  • One Year Warranty for the Labor and Parts
  • Free Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

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Who is this PC for?

If you had checked out the SkyTech Shadow Review, then you know why Shadow is meant for Mediocre Gaming. The SkyTech Shadow II provides the upgrade necessary for Gamers who want more.

This PC is definitely for people who are content with playing the Games by themselves and do not want to stream. If you want to live stream, record videos in a high quality as you play, then an even better, high end spec would be of greater benefit to you.

Hence the final verdict is that the only way a PC of this budget can be beat is only if they decide to push out another one of the archangel units and name it SkyTech Archangel 3. Which is most likely not going to happen for a long time.

I hope now you know, from this SkyTech Shadow II review, why this PC is one of the best in the SkyTech Gaming units and better than the SkyTech Archangel unit.

Which do you think is better? Let me know in the comments!