The moment you see a pc with the Ryzen and GTX combination, you can be sure this PC has a lot of value to it. The SkyTech Shadow Review looks at all the features this combo can give you in this PC unit.

This PC is similar to two other PC’s, just because of the graphics unit, the GTX 1050 Ti. Take a look at the SkyTech Archangel Review or at the SkyTech Archangel II.

Not just that, this PC’s performance is also similar to both of the above mentioned PC’s. You will get to know a lot about them as you read on in this SkyTech Shadow Review.

SkyTech Shadow Review

SkyTech Shadow Review
The SkyTech Shadow Unit

Product: The SkyTech Shadow is a unit that covers all the things a gamer would need at the beginning stage of his life.

This PC has all the parts to make sure you can play all latest games at an FPS at or above the level of 60, which is quite good.

The Reason why this PC will be able to perform and dish out such a performance is because of the components it comprises.

The graphics and processing unit attest to it’s performance.

Graphics: The GTX 1050 Ti graphics unit present in this unit is a piece used for mediocre performance.

But it is more than capable of producing an FPS greater than 60 for most games at MAX graphics. It has a video memory of 4 GB and is a dedicated Graphics unit.

Processor: Ryzen is one of the processor lines meant for gaming. The Ryzen 1200 although an older spec, is used in Gaming PC’s even today.

It’s combination with the Graphics unit accompanied by the 8 GB RAM will allow you to play games at a steady rate for about 3-5 years.

RAM: The 8 GB DDR4 is a benchmark for gaming. If you ask me, I’d say this is a good deal for this budget.

Only if this is the budget you want to go for. This will allow you to play all the games out there at max graphics at a steady pace. But if you want to go for a faster frame rate, you need better specs.

You will read about all the features in depth as the SkyTech Shadow Review goes on.

Price: 629.99$

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The Processor

The AMD Ryzen series are the ones dominating the world of gaming right now.

Combined with the graphics units offered by the NVIDIA team, you can be sure to expect a fair amount of performance from a Gaming unit.

The Ryzen 1200 3.1 Ghz processor is capable of performing a large array of functions. It has 4 cores, hence the name Quad core.

SkyTech Shadow Review
The Ryzen 1200

The number of cores translate to the amount of performance this PC can give.

Based on that, we can consider to expect an average performance from this Gaming PC.

If this processor had more than 4 threads, then it would be a viable choice to use when you want to perform a lot of functions.

You cannot expect to perform two high end processes at the same time with this processor.

For example, playing Far Cry New Dawn at high Graphics and converting a MP4 to a Movie format will tax out this PC unit.

The GTX 1050 Ti Graphics

One of the most sought after graphics card of it’s time, the GTX 1050 Ti is one of the components capable of giving almost the same performance even at this time period.

You can be sure to expect an FPS of 60 and greater for most games, which you will be seeing in the performance section of the article.

The main difference between the 1050 and the 1050 Ti is, the 1050 has 2 GB of memory for Graphics.

GTX 1050 Ti

The 1050 Ti employs about 4 GB of graphics memory for executing the gaming functions.

Having twice the amount of memory for a process not only accounts for the quantity but also the quality of gaming.

This Graphics card is also most suitable for entry-level video editing.

You might need to get a faster and better graphics unit for more taxing video editing processes and if you want to play games at more than 100 FPS.

The editing of a 4k resolution video can be taken as a viable example for this.


One of the main features of this PC is the 8 GB DDR4 RAM this PC offers. If you ask me, this is the benchmark for a moderate performance.

Anything above 8 GB belongs to the high end range and gives out a greater performance.

The RAM of a PC is dependent on the processor and the Graphics unit of the PC. A greater RAM is needed to maintain the processor and the Graphics unit for more stable information transfer.

Hence this 8 GB DDR4 version is suitable to sustain a stable information transfer with the given it’s counterpart units.

What follows is a video which represents the performance to be expected from this unit.

Design And Build

The SkyTech Shadow takes it’s internal lighting after the archangel units. The blue light inherent so much so, that it is visible to plain sight from the black chasis.

It is the black Chasis and the exterior covering that creates the look of a Gaming unit. Wait till you dim your room lights and switch this beauty on.

The various components are placed in a good manner in the interior of the unit. Take a look at how this unit appears from the side.

skytech archangel gtx 1050 ti
The Side look of this unit

The interior design of this unit is also done in a good way. The processor can be seen placed at the top end of the internal unit with the Graphics unit right beside it.

Both of them are well placed to accommodate a good amount of space for the other components.

The internal Design of the SkyTech Shadow unit.

As, you can see, the blue light of the Shadow unit is placed at the front end of the unit.

This is what gives out the blue emission when it is covered with the black Chasis.

The rest of the space is covered by the units like the Hard disk drive, the power supply and many other things that constitute the overall functions of the PC.

Other Accessories

The Operating System this PC runs on is the Windows 10 Home 64 bit, one of the most user friendly operating systems out there.

It also does not contain any bloatware. Meaning, even if it contains some pre-installed software, it does not contain any such software that puts you in harms way.

The Flip Side of this Unit

Looking away from the software and focusing on the hardware part, you can see the various physical accessories of this unit.

You will get one dual link port, 1 display port and a single HDMI port.

There are also 9 USB ports which are, 5 2.0 ports and 4 3.0 ports.

But 0 C type ports, hence ultra book users are at a disadvantage if they choose to manually transfer the files from their notebooks to the PC.

Performance with Games

Down below is the FPS chart of the performance this PC can offer with the various latest games.

As you can see down below, you can only expect an FPS of 60 at max graphics for most games.

These games are taken as metrics because they are the most taxing among the latest games.

60 FPS is usually the bench mark. Hence the SkyTech archangel units and this PC are the same in this aspect as well.

DOOM, is one of the first person shooting games, which has to run in a fairly good FPS in order to keep up with the Game-play.

This PC is also able to dish out an FPS of 60 for fortnite and PUBG. Both of them are multi-player games and require a lot of power to operate at optimum performances.

All of which are available in this PC. But anything above 60 FPS at max quality requires better parts than this PC has to offer.

Head Over Here

It is always a good choice to take a look at all the prices of the various parts this unit has within it. This allows you to estimate how much of a profit you are getting apart from the cost of building up this PC.

The AMD Ryzen 1200 3.1 Ghz at 59.00$

A GTX 1050 Ti having a price of 172.00$

The RAM positioning itself at 33.99$

1 TB HDD has an average price of about 110.99$

Windows 10 Home 64-bit at 109.00$

The price totals up-to about . This is leaving out the following services you get for free when you buy this PC which is quite good if this PC is within your budget.

  • One Year Warranty on the parts and labor
  • Lifetime Technical Support if you are a US citizen
  • Free Keyboard and Mouse

If you take these parts into consideration, you can be content with this PC. Especially if, this is the budget you are aiming for.